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Apprenticeship Applications

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Minimum 18 years of age.
High School Diploma, GED or DD-214.
Valid California Drivers License or Identification Card.
Social Security Card.

Complete a Mathematical Evaluation with a passing score.

Mentally and physically able to perform the required duties of an apprentice.

Glazier apprentices learn how to prepare and install various types of glass, mirrors, metals, and metal substitutes in and on buildings such as, residential, commercial, and industrial. Apprentices tend to work with other tradesmen on the job, on new construction sites, and in other aspects like remodeling and repairing. They also work on the ground or at varying heights depending on the individual’s job. In addition, apprentices learn how to load and unload glass,
metal, materials, and supplies onto the employer's glass trucks. Other characteristics, like shop work and various types of pre-fabrication are also acquired through the usage and handling of power tools, equipment, ladders, scaffolding, and swing stages. The workmen normally supply the hand tools, and the employer supplies the power tools. Some of these hand tools include a hammer, screwdriver, level, hacksaw, square, pliers, shears, tape measure, glass-cutter, file wrench, and putty knife. On the other hand, power tools include saws, drills, belt sanders, electric screwdrivers, and powder-actuated guns. Furthermore, apprentices learn to prepare surfaces and apply proper sealants by utilizing a variety of sealants for weatherproofing and sealing with various types of hardware like locks, latches, hinges, and closing devices. Also, apprentices are trained to work with others, to use good judgment, and to be alert at all times. They must attend a CPR/ First Aid Class as well as other safety class, and receive a certificate that indicates they have successfully passed the class.